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A useful and convenient solution to storing and protecting your remote controls & gadgets in your home.

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  • Practical – Upright TV remote tidy control holder, with 5 spacious deep suede-lined compartments to organise, store and protect your remotes, cellphones, pens & stationery and gadgets – each storage compartment measures (internally WxD) 2.4” x 1.4” (height varies across compartments)
  • Compact – An elegant and portable design to hold up to 5 remotes and devices upright in an easy to identify row – Footprint (base dimensions) 2.7” x 8.3”
  • Multipurpose – Use as a remote stand, remote control caddy or a desk tidy for stationery, glasses, cellphone chargers, cables and spare change
  • Premium Finish – finished in luxury soft touch black PU leather with soft internal lining to protect your remotes and devices from scratches and damages.
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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09


    I have now tried over 4 others and I have found this one holds my remotes in a sturdy manner and makes each one easily accessible. The holders are big enough to hold the largest remote you might have yet allow you to pick up the smallest one. Has a solid base. It has not once been knocked over. Quality of the material is very good. For the price you can not go wrong with this remote control holder and if you have more than 5 remotes, get a second one!

  2. 09


    Looks nice, but the product doesn’t quite match the description.Great for always knowing where the remotes are! And protects a busy piece of the couch by covering the armrest.The part we hate about it is how heavy it is!!Literally two remotes in the pockets, not even all the time – but the cover slips and falls all day. So nearly every time I walk into the living room I have to readjust it.I think the piece needs to be longer to fit under the cushion for more support – or have some kind of rubber piece on the under side to grip the couch? A fabric couch may stay better but for sure not staying in place on ours.

  3. 09


    Don’t like to post negative reviews but figured i’d warn others before they make the same mistake. First I’d like to state that this controller holder has been sitting on my ottoman, rarely ever touched or picked up. Still ended up leaving my controllers on the couch sometimes so sometimes it’s not even used. This is NOT what you would think by looking at this image after only 2 MONTHS! I know It’s only $25, but for that price I’m sure I could have found something more durable on amazon. It really is too bad, it looked great on that first day, but time alone seems to take this thing apart. Highly recommend to STAY AWAY from this product. It may have been just the one they sent me that was defective, but i sure wouldn’t buy this again if I had a do-over.

  4. 09

    Edward L. Fisher

    Item not as described. First, it mentions a “brilliant loop design”, which I thought meant hook and loop design, like with Velcro, to help it attach to the fabric of the chair or couch. This is not the case. There is nothing like this, nor is there a “loop design”. The fact that you can hang fabric over the arm of a couch or chair is not a special design feature.Second, the add mentions the use of non-slip fabric to help secure to the arm. There is no such thing. It is made of normal fabric, with nothing special about the area where it comes into contact with the arm. It does not adhere to anything, although this is implied.This stays in place solely by being tucked under the seat cushion. Don’t buy it for a recliner as most recliners do not have a removable seat cushion. There is no viable means to secure it.It’s not a terrible design otherwise, but I reward dishonesty with a low rating.

  5. 09

    Max Borders

    Like most men, my husband thinks that he is The Master of the Remote Controllers. It’s not true, but we let him think it is. All the remotes would end up on his end table, and they were a mess. He also likes to have screen cleaner, eye drops, and other little things that he thinks he needs.With this product, he still has everything, but now it’s neat. Everything has a home. It’s well made, it feels solid, and it’s black, so it hides in plain sight. I recommend this to anyone who has remotes all over the place.By the way, even with this, we still let him think he is the Master of the Remotes.

  6. 09


    I covered my side table next to my bed with this. My remote is within reach along with my glasses, aquarium light and my phone. I attached with Gorilla Tape underneath where you can’t see. It’s working well and able to take off to clean. Just what I wanted.

  7. 09


    Bought this for hubby… only had a day but he is happy with it. Needs place to store remotes and his phones. Was plenty long enough to tuck in. Still has creases in it from it being folded… but sure will fall out after awhile or washing… will update at a later date. Arrived on time as well…

  8. 09

    Bud B

    Very useful and works as advertised, with one key exception. Using this in a recliner, it would not stay in place and would slide off the arm of the chair. In order to keep it in place, I pulled the inside part of the organizer through the chair, turned the chair upside down, and then tacked the organizer material to the chair’s wood frame. This was fairly easy to do and keeps the organizer from slipping off the chair’s arm.

  9. 09


    Have this holding 2x large remotes (Denon AVR and Bluray player), an odd pear-shaped round/chunky LG TV remote, round tube Amazon Fire TV remote, and 2x “watch battery”-powered remotes sharing the front pocket with the lowest walls. Fits each well and with them ordered by height, tallest in back, can see and reach any one of them easily. The stand itself is heavy enough to easily hold the biggest, tallest remote hanging out the back pocket without tipping, even on a flat part of a soft couch. The interior lining feels like felt and makes it smooth to slide items out without any clanking or plasticy thuds if you drop a remote in. The overall exterior is a nice leathery looking material with visible edge stitching. Looks and feels nice with a “get what you paid for” feeling. Mine’s dark brown and a pleasant/lighting-friendly, uniformly-colored shade.Overall dimensions are space-saving – very narrow and not a lot of thick edges/trim or extra bulk. The pockets are almost a perfect size for every remote, except for the fat end of the LG remote which is thicker than even the much larger 2x AA battery Denon remotes – it has to go in upside down. To me this is more an LG fat remote issue and no knock on the holder, for every other remote size it’s just right to hold the remote firmly but not so tight it’s a pain to get the remote lined up. The varied heights of the chambers makes it easier to keep everything visible and in the order that works best for your potentially OCD brain.

  10. 09


    I have an end table in my Florida Room and another beside my bed that was always covered with remote controls that my crazy cats were always knocking off. These holders have five slots and weigh enough to keep them from sliding around. I would buy another for the exercise room but the remotes stay in the phone holder of each machine.

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