Aspen Pet Programmable LeBistro Dog and Cat Feeder, 5 lbs


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  • Program up to 3 meals a day
  • Large LCD screen and built-in meal counter
  • Controlled portions help your pet maintain their healthy weight
  • Microban protection helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria
  • LeBistro programmable feeder features lift top makes refilling convenient and easy
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04


    The timing mechanism works great and releases the desired amount of food, plus I like the “meals dispersed” counter on the screen. Left out of town for three days and came home to happy kitty.Now to the problems: Unless your cat suffered some sort of brain trauma at any point in it’s life, it’s most definitely going to work this autofeeder for all it’s got. My cat figured this thing out in 15 minutes and can get food released on command. Plus, if they shake or smack the feeder, it causes food to be released. The solution? Well, I taped the removable food bowl to the feeder so she couldn’t pull it out, used a laminate flooring sample (50 cents at Lowe’s) to prevent her from getting her chubby paws to the distributor wheel inside the mechanism, and ratchet strapped the whole contraption to the kitchen table so she couldn’t just knock it over and cathandle her way to the goods.Final verdict: Totally worth it for the low price, but be prepared to get creative so your cat doesn’t turn into Jabba the Fluff.

  2. 04

    Juliet Sunshine

    I have had a love/hate relationship with this feeder. I originally got it so that when we went on vacations our cats would need minimal supervision; we planned on an automatic feeder, a reservoir water bowl, and an automatic litter box. My cats are jerks, so between their tummy issues keeping us from getting an automatic litter box, their game of emptying the entire water tank onto our wood floors, and their ability to steal out of the feeder, our plans failed completely and our cats got really fat. I tried taping cardboard over the slit, they chewed through it. I covered more cardboard in double sided tape, they chewed through it. I taped on plastic, they ate through the plastic. I covered it with a strip of metal tied over part of the tray, they chewed off the rope. I attached it with picture frame wire, they pulled out the tray. I taped on the tray, they chewed through the tape (it seems like they’re faster learners than I am).After months of fat greedy cats, I finally found a system to keep them out. When browsing at home depot, I found a $2 piece of metal which I screwed in above the slot. I used one screw with a bolt right below the Aspen logo where there the back of the plastic is accessible, and another one screwed higher up to keep my cats from being able to turn the thing sideways. I then took hanger straps and wrapped them around the entire base to keep the tray in place, screwing it on both sides of the tray and the back of the base. The model number for the useful metal piece on the hd website is 100244882 and the metal strap is 100396917. I took off the bottom panel to see where it was safe to drill, and the only place you need to avoid is around where the display is, everything else is free space. Now they’re constantly wining and begging for food because they’re finally completely unable to steal any! I had elaborate plans involving milk crates suspended over one of those devices to make cats eat slower, this is so much easier. Although every day when I come downstairs I see the feeder slid halfway across the kitchen, and various things knocked off shelves that they were hoping was food. Now that they can no longer steal, the only complaint I have is that I still wish there was an alarm like other feeders, there are times when one cat sleeps through a meal time and the other cat gets to eat everything.4 stars since it’s never missed a single feeding, it has a light to warn of low batteries, and it’s easy to program. -1 star due to the effort I had to go through to make it function properly.Edit: They learned they can lift up a corner and slam it down, releasing food. I give up, my cats are smarter than me.

  3. 04


    I felt compelled to write a review because I’ve had this feeder for over 4 years and it is still working great. I had an “animal planet” brand feeder prior to this one, which would randomly stop working and I’d find out that I’ve been starving my poor dog for who knows how long. This one doesn’t miss a meal and has a battery low light so I have time to change the batteries before they die. I’ve read some of the hilarious cat reviews, so it seems this is better suited for dogs that won’t trick the feeder into spilling all of the food. The only complaint that I have is that the bowl still not stay in the slot, and my dog moves it out of the way every time to make sure she gets all of the food that might not have dropped all the way into the bowl, I’ve seen her nudge it underneath to get more food as well. My main reason for this feeder was that I wanted portion control to avoid too much weight gain and that we sometimes hand long hours and I know my pup will get fed on time. We have also had the freedom of going away for a couple of days and giving her access to the backyard. Overall, I’m so glad I took the chance on it since the last feeder was such a fail.

  4. 04

    B. Doane

    Our little dog needs to eat three meals a day or he’ll vomit. The concept of an auto-feeder is incredibly convenient for our situation. The features on the unit are well though out. You can program up to three meals a day and control the portion for each meal. Batteries last about 6 months feeding three times a day.There is one significant flaw however, our dog quickly realized that a face bump to the feeder will dispense a few kernels. This quickly led to us attempting to train him to stop bumping the feeder which was an epic fail on our end. You can’t fight an variable ratio food reinforcer. I ended up putting the feeder in our pantry and running some PVC out the wall to dispense the food. Now it will feed him but he can’t access the feeder. Check out the pics.

  5. 04

    Brian S

    My cat owns this feeder. I’ve had to modify it multiple times after he’s found a new way to work the food out. First, he would sit at the feeder and fish the food out by sticking his paw up the chute. I taped a shield around the chute so he blocked there. His next workaround was to bat at the bowl until he would work it loose and spill food. So I taped the bowl in place. That lasted about a week. Next trick, push his face into the shielded chute and knock the feeder against the wall behind it and food would drop down. Now it’s game on… Balls in my court, so I made a box to go over the feeder with an opening he can just barely stick his head in to eat. This one was a poser for him. I got about 5 months out of this fix before he solved it. Now he sticks his head in the hole and stands up and pushes on the feeder to get more food. Well played cat. I’ll have to add some weight to the box.You might not have these problems with your cat. Mine is a big guy anyway, he’s trim at 20lbs. I also use smaller food than the recommended size. The real fix is for Aspen to make the paddles that control the food thick enough to so this doesn’t happen. The extra dime in plastic would be worth it.

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Aspen Pet Programmable LeBistro Dog and Cat Feeder, 5 lbs