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Use your mortar to pulverize nuts, seeds, ginger root and garlic and make homemade salad dressing, sauces and condiments, such as fresh mustard, quacamole, pesto, salsa, chutneys and more.

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  • A kitchen must-have: Mortar and pestle set (mortero de cocina – morter and pessel – molcajete or guacamole bowl and pestel) has been used for THOUSANDS of years as THE way to crush, grind and powder herbs and dry spices. Contrary to an electric grinder or crusher, the age-old, durable, traditional manual grinding method ensures that all cooking ingredients bring out their full flavor and aroma profiles, allowing you to further control their texture and make delicious, chunk-free dishes.
  • Versatile tool: Take advantage of your brand new stone motar and pedestal set’s various applications in the kitchen and simplify your everyday life! 
  • Effortless use: This  stone mocajetes motor & pedestal set was designed with your convenience in mind. Made from unpolished granite, you will waste no time fumbling or stabilizing your pestal masher, as our motar’s cup interior provides the best, metate-like natural friction for swift ingredient crushing, grinding or powdering. With a 500 ml (approx. 2 Cup) capacity, this stone mortor also reduces the need for ingredient refills, affording quick food prep, in one go!
  • Quick cleaning & zero kitchen messes: As granite is inherently durable and heavy, this mortar will not slip on your kitchen counters, remaining still throughout the grinding process. Our pestle offers foolproof grip, gliding across the mortar’s interior, without the need of excess hand motions, which would result in ingredient waste and kitchen counter messes! By investing in this stoneware set, you are gaining a timeless, multifunctional kitchen tool, which will make cooking a breeze!
  • Satisfaction guarantee: We want you to be absolutely elated with your mortar and pestle set, which is why we are offering you a Risk-Free purchase. In the unlikely event our set fails to meet or exceed your expectations, you are welcome to return it for a hassle-free, FULL refund. Purchase Now The Best, Unpolished Marble – Granite Mortar & Pestle Set On The Market!
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04


    After consulting with a chemist and a geotech engineer, and doing some testing, it appears this is probably not made of solid granite as advertised. It appears to be an aggregate of stone and binder. Rubbing pestle against mortar produces a fine grayish-green dust that smells like cement. The chemist recommended that this be used for non-food items only.

  2. 04

    Lee E

    Based on reviews I was expecting to love this, but I’m a little disappointed. The weight and materials are very satisfactory. It’s solid granite and provides a good base to really grind up spices or grains or whatever else you need it for. The problem lies in the relative proportions of the mortar and the pestle. The mortar has high walls and the pestle is fairly short, which means it is difficult to really get a full grip on the pestle for heavy grinding without busting your knuckles on the walls of the mortar. The back end of the pestle is also pretty squared-off which makes it uncomfortable on your palm. I suspect I’m not the first to comment on this since the one we received was somewhat unevenly rounded off by the factory, leaving it less square but also even shorter. I would suggest looking for a mortar/pestle combination with a bit longer pestle and a rounded back end.

  3. 04


    When I first bought this item it came broken and they sent us a new one free of charge which was super nice! But it is so hard to clean ! And everything smelt like granite from the bowl and the tool. Not what I was expecting.

  4. 04


    Took it out of box. Gave it one rub on the inside and handle fell apart

  5. 04


    I just received my mortar and pestle from Amazon today. I opened the package to inspect the items to make sure there was no damage to them from the shipping process. While both the mortar and pestle are not broken, I did however find 2 large mouse/ small rat droppings in the bowl and at least another three within the bubble wrap package on the outside of the bowl.I find this extremely concerning due to the fact that this is supposed to be a food safe item that is a porous material, and also due to the fact that it can not be properly sanitized. No amount of bleach or boiling water will be able to get into every pore of the mortar to sanitize it. The box was not damaged and did not show any signs of a rodent getting into the amazon or the products packaging. So the contamination would have to had to have happened when it was being made and or packed at the manufacturing site. I don’t know if this is a one off instance or if this is an ongoing problem.Due to concerns, we will be returning this item.

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