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This top quality heat-resistant, silicone colander is the newest, most practical way to get your food strained thoroughly while avoiding transferring the food out of the pot

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Product name: Silicone drain pot side file

Product material: silicone 201 stainless steel

Product size: 23 * 12.5 * 6.7CM

Product weight: 160G

The Snap N’ Strain is flexible enough to fit onto nearly all pots, pans, and bowls. It snaps on neatly with two clips. The clips’ strong grip will keep it safely attached while in use and can be left attached to the pot while cooking. Once snapped the pot can be tilted over a sink or bowl and the Snap N’ Strain will do its magic. The liquids will be poured out while the food remains in the pot, even with heavier foods like potatoes.

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    MM Hollows

    I have a small kitchen and hate digging around for my huge colander just to drain pasta or some taco meat. Then I have to take up half my dishwasher to wash the thing. Not anymore though! I just used it last night, and this makes it super easy to quickly clip onto a pot or pan and drain whatever you need to. It’s small enough to not take up any room in the cupboard like traditional drainers do and easy to pop in the dishwasher. This drainer works wonderfully to keep your food in the pot while thoroughly draining it of liquid. Makes cooking much more convenient. One of those kitchen gadgets that is definitely more than worth the small price for the utility of it and is going to replace the old way of doing things. It makes you think, “Why haven’t I been using this before?” I love having this at my disposal instead of the bulky things I was using in the past.

  2. 04


    The metal attachment broke through the silicone covering on the second or third time I used it. It works like a dream as long as it works. I had a bit of understanding issues with the seller, but in the end they did replace the product quickly. I am hoping that the first one was just a fluke, but I fear it wasn’t.My stove top cookware is SS and the pans have a bit of a “lip” around the upper part of the pans. It makes it a bit tricky to get the attachment over the “hump”..Once on, they work great. Nice that you can attach them before you cook the contents of your pots/pans..that way you don’t have to fight with a screaming hot pan.They are worth a try, just hoping that the replacement holds up better than the original..

  3. 04

    Sabrina Martin

    EDIT: September 23rd, still in mint condition, still loving it!I’ve used this a few times already. Tonight, I made spaghetti. I usually drain the shells into a bowl strainer, then dump them BACK into the pan after they’re emptied of water. It ends up with me getting burned a few times because of the way I have to hold the pan, plus the hot steam. I used this product tonight and it was SO much more simple! I was worried the clips would slide off when the spaghetti all dropped underneath the strainer piece, but it didn’t budge! For just $10, this thing is durable, has a strong grip, is so easy to just wash and then put away, doesn’t get hot to the touch, and is simple to put on and take off. I’m planning to throw away my old bowl strainer. I have no use for that giant thing now! I LOVE this product!!!

  4. 04


    When I first got this in March 2019, I tried to put it on my pans and I thought it didn’t fit, so it sat in the drawer for almost a year, until one day when all my other strainers were dirty and I reached for this. I needed to use it on my smallest pan and it went on easily and worked! I had previously only tried it on a couple of larger pans and couldn’t make it fit right. Once I got it to work for me on a little pan and realized that I hadn’t been putting it on the larger pan correctly, I scaled up to my larger pans. After that first success I have had NO TROUBLE whatsoever using it on all of my pans for draining everything (even heavy pots of boiling potatoes). Now it’s my go to strainer for draining excess liquid from pans of all sizes and occasionally from bowls.

  5. 04

    Mom of 4

    It’s kind of surprising that nobody thought of this before — it’s much easier to use than a regular colander. Because it’s silicone, it adapts to a wide range of pots, and isn’t affected by the heat. No problem at all with the clips staying put, either. Another bonus: it doesn’t take up a bunch of room in the cabinet.

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