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Perfect size! 12Pcs same sizes silicone stretch lids, this set is very suitable for your small container of same sizes at home, like small bowls, cups, glasses, cans, Jar, Fruits.

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  • [Excellent alternative to plastic wrap & Safe]– These silicone dish lids are environment-friendly, eliminating the need to repeatedly buy expensive plastic wrap. Significantly reducing plastic waste, they are a thousand times more eco-friendly than cling wraps, baggies, or your traditional containers.
  • [Easy to stretch & Widely used ]– Our super thick silicone covers are durable and will not tear or warp. Easy to use, they can be used over and over again and are dishwasher and freezer safe. Silicone lids come to be round. But it is stretchable enough to fit different small shaped mugs, pots, cups & bowls.
  • [NO Leak and Seal Well]– These seal lids keep food fresh longer and Prevent liquid leaks. They fit directly over small bowls, jar lids, and hot food items themselves, helping you avoid a container transfer. Independently lab tested for safety, our patented food cover is 100% Phthalate, Lead-, Plastic- and BPA-free.
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  1. 04


    I bought a pack of these in various sizes before I discovered that silicone is actually worse for the environment than plastic (because silicone isn’t recyclable). Which means, yes, these are better than plastic wrap and baggies, but, no, they are not “a thousand times more eco friendly than… your traditional containers” as claimed. But, by the time I learned that about silicone, I had discovered how amazingly helpful the can-sized silicone cover is! The set I bought before only had 1 cover that size, but that’s the one that we always need and is always in use!So, we found this set that only includes the can size, and I wish I had bought it from the beginning. There are 12 covers (3 of each color) in all, and we don’t need more than half that amount, so we’ll be passing the extras on to our adult kids to keep from wasting them. And, I would prefer it if they were all clear (because dyes aren’t a good thing). But, the quality is fine and the price was okay, and at least we can cover our leftovers without wasting extra dishes (and the water to clean them) to do so.If you’re considering a set, this size is definitely the best one to consider. It fits any standard sized can of vegetables, beans, etc., and standard soda cans, as well. A better zero waste alternative is to open cans with a safety can opener that removes the whole lid (because the original top of the can can be placed back down on it as a lid and will do the same job, but without the leak resistance). But, with the increasingly-common pop-top style cans, that can be harder to do. So these are a great option for that. Just pop one on and store your leftover ingredients in the original container. We use them for dog food (one pro in having different colors is I can reserve one color for that purpose alone and color coordinate which covers are used for what), leftover refried or other beans, veggies, and even some fresh cut fruits and vegetables (but I’d stick with rather stiff produce like apples as opposed to tomatoes, because stretching these kinds of lids over them tightly can squish them a bit, and they have to be stretched tightly to stay on. But, I have used my largest size for watermelon and it worked very well.*NOTE: I have dishwashed my previous set and they came out a bit cloudy afterwards, so I try to hand wash them now. But, I haven’t noticed any issues with their integrity, so that may just be a preference thing. I dishwashed this set (all but one that I hand washed), and they are still transparent. So, I don’t know if it takes a few washings to turn them more opaque or if the ones from this company are just better quality. Time will tell, I guess. Either way, you can kind of see through them when they are on a can, but not enough to actually inspect the condition of the food.

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    Amber Belin

    I love these things. So on the day we got these in the mail, I decided to try them out on a can of soda, mostly to see if the soda would keep its fizziness. The soda can with the silicone lid on it was sitting on my coffee table next to a candle, which I accidentally knocked over, along with a few other things. After getting all of the wax cleaned up, I looked over and realized my soda can had been laying on its side for at least fifteen minutes at that point, but not a single drop had spilled! These things are AWESOME! And yes, they also help the soda keep its fizziness as well!

  3. 04


    While I wish they were all clear, I still really love these lids. I reuse Oui yogurt jars to make my own yogurt in my Instant Pot. I used to cut small squares out of plastic wrap to cover them but I’ve committed to removing all single use plastics in my home so these are perfect. I don’t know what the longer turtle tail tab was for so I cut that part off. It doesn’t seem to hinder their effectiveness.

  4. 04

    The Dog’s Honest Truth

    If you’ve been looking for lids to fit your Oui yogurt jars, you found them.These are thin, strong and stretchy. They will fit over a jar, can, soda, piece of fruit or mug easily.I used these in my Instant Pot to make individual yogurts and they worked perfectly. These have also come in handy covering baby food jars, custard cups and other small open containers.You can use these IN the instant pot as they’re food grade silicone. If you need to keep your food covered while you cook it, use these instead of tin foil.I found that they were easy to wash. I just hand wash them as they don’t get very dirty and some dishwasher detergents leave a film. These can be used in the freezer as well and still be nice and flexible.Very happy with these lids. Far cheaper than the rigid plastic ones available and have tremendous grip.

  5. 04

    R. Krisher

    I was looking for lid covers to use on the 3oz cat food cans and stumbled on these. I am so happy to have found these lid covers as they work great for many uses.They cover cat food cans with ease. You can put them over wine glasses to keep out bees and bugs out when you are enjoying a glass outdoors. I put the lids over a soup can and soda can and am happy to report they fit fine.The silicone lids are easy to use as they expand easily and snap snug to the object you are covering making it leak proof. They come in a pack of 12 in multiple colors (pink, blue, clear, yellow).For cleaning, I just put them in the dishwasher and they came out clean.

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