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Step away from the traditional desk and experience the home office Lap Desk. The 21.1″X 12″ Work surface Fits most 15.6″ Laptops and includes a device ledge to secure your laptop in place. With the built-in mouse pad and phone slot, The home office Lap Desk is designed to make work feel effortless. The innovative Dual-bolster cushions not only create a stable work surface, but also reduce heat in your lap.

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  • Compatibility: Fits up to 15. 6″ laptops and most tablets.
  • Phone Slot: Holds all cell phones vertically in 5″ X 0.75″ slot.
  • Comfort: Innovative, dual-bolster cushion conforms to your lap, keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • Mouse pad: Work surface includes integrated 5″ X 9″ mouse pad.
  • Improved Air-flow: Smooth, flat surface allows for proper laptop ventilation, as recommended by laptop manufacturers.

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black carbon, blush pink, espresso woodgrain, oak woodgrain, silver carbon, white marble

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5 Reviews For This Product

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    I really like this lap desk, as a phd student I’m on my computer A LOT. On weekends when I have work to do, it’s nice to not have to get out of bed so it still feels like a lazy saturday.Unlike others who said the ridge at the bottom didnt stop their laptop from sliding it works for mine. Only thing I would’ve liked was a ridge at the bottom of the mousepad. Otherwise when you move your hand to type it just slides right off. I just put mine in the phone holder at the top.

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    I’m attending an online college and working on masters degree, so I was in the market for a lap desk. I ended up choosing this one. I have a few feelings about the lap desk that I feel are worth sharing.- The mouse pad area is to the right hand side. If you are typing, you’ll want the computer area directly in front of you and the mouse pad area will stick out unevenly to the right about 5 inches. Assuming you’ll be using this desk while on a couch, you can’t really use it on the right side of the couch as it will bump up against the arm rest. So you are going to be sitting on the left side or middle spots of the couch. If you plan on using the lap desk on a single seater couch or recliner with arm rests, make sure you have enough room otherwise you’ll be forever annoyed.- If you plan to recline on the couch while using the lap desk, the mouse will slide off. There isn’t really a good bumper to hold the mouse from falling off. This could easily be modified if you are inclined to DIY projects. Still quite annoying. The manufacturer could easily have put something at the bottom to keep the mouse from sliding off.Give some thought to where you plan on using the lap desk before purchasing it. This lap desk is best used (almost only useful) for sitting upright on a couch with no arm rests. If you plan to use it sitting upright on a couch with no arm rests in the way, then it’s a 5 star product.

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    Not very durable, this is basically built from pressed paperboard.Very disappointed in the quality, did not even last 3 months.

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    I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, typically just have my laptop and mouse already sitting on it and move it around as needed. The weight of the laptop has already depressed the cushioning that it has lost its form and the lap desk is at a constant angle. The fabric on the top is not slip resistant. If I’m sitting on the couch and have my legs at an angle, the computer slides right off. They provided a small “bumper” to help mitigate this issue, I assume, but it’s not tall enough and my laptop just slides right over it. I would not purchase again, too lazy to deal with the hassle of returning.

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    Liz G

    I picked up the new Acer Predator Helios 300 about a week ago. I had bought a cooling pad and was using that but I wanted something a little more comfortable for when I’m on the couch and whatnot. I was also hoping for something that could hold my mouse as well (I’m 30 years old which I know is super old, right? and my mouse wrist gets very sore after a long gaming session if it is not positioned correctly.) I spent a decent amount of time looking at all the available lap desks on Amazon. Whenever I seek a product out on Amazon, I am usually surprised at all the different options and features that I need to pick and this purchase was no different. If you are currently reading this review, you probably know what I mean. Well, let me tell you, I am sooo happy I chose this one. To try and keep the rest of this review concise, I am going to list what I like about it in bullet point format. Normally, this would be more of a Pros/Cons list but I honestly can’t think of any real Cons for this item.- This lap desk is surprisingly light. My laptop is 5 pounds so I didn’t want something that was going to add a ton of extra weight onto my lap and this lap desk seems to be the perfect weight.- Despite being light, it still feels very sturdy. I am sure the wood is some sort of particle board (I could be wrong but I don’t think I am) but it still feels like it will hold up well. If I were to snap it over my knee, I am sure it would break but as long as it is not mistreated, I don’t think it is going to fall apart. The bean/sand filled pads on the bottom are stitched well and the mouse pad area and the little stopper at the bottom that keeps your laptop from sliding down all seem to be well made.- I have a 15.6″ laptop and it fits absolutely perfect on the desk area. I was a little worried about the size of the mouse pad but for day to day stuff, it is definitely big enough. When gaming, I throw one of my gaming mouse pads (that has a wrist rest attached to it) on top of the inlaid mouse pad and that setup works really well for me. It hangs over the edge a little bit, but does not hinder the use of the mouse in any way.- I am also very happy with the thickness of the board that the laptop rests on. From looking at the pictures, I actually thought it would be thicker but was pleasantly surprised that it was nice and thin. I don’t want a lot of extra height added because that would make it harder to type properly (gotta avoid that carpal tunnel syndrome!) It is not too thin, where I feel like it will break easily but not too thick either. I think they found a good balance between sturdiness and comfort.- I have a Samsung Galaxy S10e phone and it is in a slightly bulky case and it fits vertically in the phone holder very well. It does not fit horizontally, unfortunately, but when I am playing a video or something like that, I just lay it in the phone holder a little askew and it is sufficient for my needs. I don’t blame the company’s design for this because if the holder were any larger, I think the entire lap desk would be too large and I am very happy with its current size.- The bean/sand filled pads on the bottom are positioned well and extremely comfortable. Sometimes my laptop will be in my lap for hours at a time. I have been using this for about 5 days now and I have never felt like it was uncomfortable to use or that it was going to fall off my lap. It is easy to move around and reposition, if necessary.- I also really like the handle at the top. It is nice little extra feature.Overall, I really think you will like this product. I am one of those people who spends a lot of time looking at my options and reading reviews, even for very basic stuff. After checking out, I usually get a little bit of anxiety until my package gets here because I really do not like having buyer’s remorse. Amazon is really good about returns so it is not as big of a deal on Amazon as it is on some other sites but it is enough of a hassle to return something (finding a box, printing the label, going to the post office to drop it off, etc.) that I try to pick the right items the first time around. That is why I try to write reviews for items, especially ones that I like. People tend to only write reviews when something goes wrong and it can make it harder for other people to know if they should buy an item or not. So, I am just trying to do my part as an avid Amazon user to help other people make good buying decisions. I attached some photos with a pencil for scale. I hope you found this review to be helpful.

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