Stainless Steel Grease Splatter Pan Cover


Perfect Housewarming Gift: Our oil splatter guard makes for an essential kitchen housewarming gift for the cooking enthusiast in your life.

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  • Multifunctional: Our heavy-duty, grease splatter screen for frying pan its most pots, pans and skillets – helping to protect you and your kitchen from hot spitting oil!
  • Premium Protection: Made from premium-grade stainless steel with an extra fine mesh, this oil splash guard allows steam to be released, while stopping 99% of splatter.
  • Easy to Clean: Our splatter guards for frying are dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning, and will remain rust-free for decades.
  • Bonus E-Book: Our grease screens for fry pans come with a bonus free e-book with recipes for the grill. You’ll never run out of things to cook!

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Ball Diameter (cm/inch)

11.5inch, 13inch, 15inch

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    Sharon C

    This is What the product looked like after my first 5 minutes of use. It may cut down on grease splatter but only minimally.Update: Apparently I had this upside down the first time I used it; I didn’t realize one side was a different mesh than the other side. When I made this change, it definitely cut down on the grease splatter. Still doesn’t eliminate it, but it definitely minimizes it. Perhaps the packaging should make it clearer, like “This side down” or something. Changed my rating to 3 stars.

  2. 04


    My family has been trying to eat healthier, (for us that means keto). So we’re indulging in steak more often, these days. And while steaks are pretty straightforward to cook, by the time they’re done my stove’s just covered with splattered grease. Ick. Same problem with bacon.Then I noticed that the chefs on a lot of the cooking shows I watch were using splatter screens for frying . . . so I went to Amazon, read a zillion reviews, (thanks, Amazon reviewers!), and chose this one. And all those reviewers were not wrong — it’s well put together, feels very sturdy, and best of all, it kept the steaks from spattering grease all over my stove! I’ve only had it a week or so, so I haven’t put it through all its paces yet, but it’s proven to be a great splatter screen, as well as a superior cooling rack for fried cheese crackers . . . I can’t wait to try steaming with it!All in all I’m loving this spatter screen . . . and the extra time I didn’t have to spend cleaning grease off my stove! A real help to me, in cooking keto food for my family.

  3. 04


    I cook ALOT of bacon (5+ lbs/week) and have used this every time with no complaints. I hold my hand over it just to “test” it and never been splashed once. I’d say it stops more than 97%, but that is a very good estimate. I havent had anything splash through but I usually cook with bacon grease as well (maybe its too large to pass through?).Fits my 10.25 lodge cast iron nicely with plenty on the edges. Has bumps on the edge so you can rest it without contaminating it. Handle has never been hot to the touch.I did accidentally set it down on a burner and it caught all the bacon grease on fire and left a nice burn mark on the screen, but it only impacts the aesthetics not functionality — so watch for that if you care. I’d buy again.

  4. 04


    Excellent product offered. Learn to use it properly.Place the “mesh side” on top of the frying pan otherwise oil will spill over your ranger. Turn over and use the wire with 4 dents side to place it over the counter/table to rest. The 4 “dents” are the “legs”.Many people that are giving bad qualifications do NOT know how to use it properly, they place the 2 wires side over the frying pan instead = WRONG !.! In most pans the 4 indentations rest outside of the pan.Due to superficial tension of the liquid, the oil ‘travels’ to the outside of the pan were it encounters the indentation, a perfect point for gravity to do it’s work, accumulating oil until the weight is big enough to drop outside the pan. You can see photos publish by users where the oil drops are just around the indentations !! Of course, the product does not work – they say. Also, there is a 3 mm gap all around the pan where the oil escapes too !!BergKoch: please create a “user manual” with instructions on how to use it properly. Sound ridiculous but your ratings on the product will improve !!Congratulations BergKoch, excellent product.

  5. 04

    Barbara Y

    I bought this as replacement for a screen from another manufacturer that I returned to Amazon. That screen was bent and ineffective. I wondered if all screens were going to be disappointing.This screen is fabulous. The screen has some bumps but the rim is nice and flat and sits firmly on my 12 inch fry pan. I sauteed some asparagus this morning with heat turned up higher than normal to test its ability to keep oil in the pan. Zero grease came out except when I lifted the screen to turn the asparagus over.I’ve had inexpensive screens in the past. This one is much sturdier and I love the “feet” for keeping oil off the counter when I’m done cooking. Easy to clean with a soapy sponge.Looking forward to using when I sautee chicken thighs. Last time I did that it took an hour to clean the mess off the range, floor, backsplash, etc. I threw my old screen away rather than clean it. I’m certain this screen will eliminate most of that mess.The ad mentions German quality. The screen is designed in Germany, made in China.

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