USB C to USB Adapter [2 Pack], uni High-Speed USB C Male to USB 3.0 Female Adapter, USB Type-C OTG Adapter [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] with MacBook Pro/Air 2020, iPad Pro 2021, XPS 15/13, and More

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  • 【High-Speed USB 3.1】High speed data transfer up to 5 Gbps, sync movies, music, and more in seconds. Let your USB-C devices compatible with USB drives and any other USB devices. Use old USB Cables with the new USB-C wall charger. Charge speed up to 5V@1A.
  • 【uni’s Design】Product development team of us carefully designed the chamfer of this adapter to ensure its stylishness and practicality. And friendly non-slip design, easy to insert and remove. Premium aluminum case brings also excellent metal texture to this compact USB C adapter. Moreover, this adapter comes with uni’s delicate brand-new logo on one side, which adds a touch of uniqueness.
  • 【Side by Side】Designed to not block your other ports. Its slim profile makes it easy to store in your pocket or backpack and provides convenient access to USB-A devices when needed. No softwares, drivers and additional power supply required.
  • 【Compatible With All】Compatible any USB-C devices. MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017/2016, MacBook 2017/2016/2015, iPad Air 2020, iPad Pro 2020/2018, Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, S10/S9/Note 9/8, HTC U11, OnePlus 6, Nexus 6P/ Pixel 2, Pixelbook, Galaxy Book, Pixelbook, Surface Go, 2017 iMac, Dell XPS 15/13, Surface Book 2, Lenovo Yoga 920, and others(see details below).
  • 【Lifetime Warranty】All products of uni are covered with Lifetime Warranty. We focus on USB-C accessories, and we stand by our products, bring better alternatives for you in the USB-C accessories space: USB-C hub, various adapters and cables. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. we solve most issues within 24 hours.
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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    Erich Rogers

    I got this so I could use my existing mouse with this macbook. The USB hub thing is just terrible so I wanted to try something a bit more streamlined. This isn’t really that either but it’s better than the hub. It’s a pretty cludgey solution I must say. The whole thing sticks out the side of the computer a good inch and half so there will be no closing the lid and going with this stuck in the side. It does work however, and it is better than those pain hubs. I’m still praying for someone to produce a USB-C mouse.

  2. 09


    I like the form factor and how it can easily stay attached to the end of a mouse/HD cable.The only downside is these cannot be deployed side-by-side on a Macbook Pro due to the width of the connector, and also with the i-Blason case I use the adapter won’t fit in the lower of the two USB-C ports due to overlapping layers (pictured).I’d recommend this if you plan to use it with a HD/Mouse cable and don’t use a computer case or have parallel USB-C ports (one port on each side would probably have no issues).

  3. 09


    The adapter has worked really well for me for the few weeks that I’ve had it. That said, the inside—the parts that actually make the connection—have separated from the external sheath. In other words, when I pull it out of my computer, the sheath and my cable pull away but the guts of the adapter stay connected to my laptop.It’s a simple fix: I just slide it back together. It’s just annoying and shouldn’t happen. But it hasn’t affected the functionality of the adapter.Two adapters fit nicely side-by-side despite the fact that it looks like they’re too big to put right next to one another. There’s the slighted pressure between them but they plug in mostly straight and have worked just fine.I’m sure there are better out there or will be soon, but this has worked well enough for me so far.

  4. 09


    These adapters are very well designed and work great on my new 2018 MacBook Pro 13″ After purchase I read that poorly designed Type C products can fry your laptop “USB-C” ports. I contacted the Syntech Team about my concernsand a representative contacted the next day with the following information……..Hello,The 56k ohm resistor is build in and they are designed as USB-IF standards.Kind regards,DorisSyntech not only has exceptional high quality products, but also good customer service. I won’t hesitate to buy from themfor my future needs.

  5. 09


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     It is the second time I buy from them. The product is durable and good-looking. I love their detailed design as well with small edge to help unplug smoothly. There is indeed some room to improve or maybe this is its feature. They made it firm and tight after plugging in my MacPro and you cannot plug both 2 adapters on the same side.However, considering the price, I cannot really ask for more. Their products are really durable. Even my official Apple cable worn out, their cases of cable still looked like a brand new one. I hope they can continue to maintain the quality.

  6. 09

    Michael E. Hughes

    I really like this adapter. It’s small and it works very well.I do, however, have one significant disappointment. I cannot use the adapter without removing my phone’s protective case. The size of the case I use is pretty standard. Enough to offer protection but not overly bulky or thick.Unfortunately, the USB-C end of the adapter does not fit through the opening in the protective case so that it can be inserted into the phone. Other adapters I have used are designed such that the USB-C side is tapered so that it can go through the opening of a protective case and be inserted into the phone.So, technically it’s a good product. But, a little design improvement would make it even better.

  7. 09


    I recently purchased a budget smartphone (Motorola Moto G Power) that lacks NFC (near-field communications) which meant that my Yubikey (with NFC) would not work on this phone. The port on the Moto G is a USB-C which also precluded plugging the Yubikey directly into the phone.Rather than purchasing a Yubikey with USB-C connector ($50) I purchased this adaptor for a temporary solution. Plug it into the phone; plug the Yubikey into the adaptor; touch the gold button on the Yubikey when prompted, and I’m good to go. Remove key and adaptor.The adaptor is no larger than it needs to be and is well built. Until I’m ready to buy the proper Yubikey this will be an excellent workaround.The adaptor is attractive and inexpensive, I could not be happier.

  8. 09


    Despite what the description says, these connectors DO NOT MAINTAIN USB 3.0. To many, this may not be important.I own a small business (networking and digital media) and have many many applications that require USB 3.0 or better. I bought these adaptors for several applications and as backups to carry in case I did not have a USB C or had a bad cable on a job or at home. We tested these adaptors here with USB 3.0 cables of 3 different brands and found that data speeds through the cable dropped to 1 GB/s (sometimes less) from 4 GB/s without the adaptors. The description clearly says it maintains 1 GB/s but is good for up to 3 and works with USB 3.0. This is false. Once you put this adaptor on a REAL USB 3.0 you have downgraded it to a 2.0. We have several devices that ONLY work with USB 3.0.Device 1 – Media conversion device for digital menu boards – Requires both the power and at least a constant 2 GB/s of data speed from a USB 3.0 cable. This device will not even work or show up on a 2.0 cable. We used a USB 3.0 cable that was Type A on one end and Type C on the other end and of course it worked fine. We then took the same length and brand of 3.0 cable that had Type A on both ends and put the adaptor (this product I am reviewing) on and the device would NOT work. The cable was fine as it charged a phone so this meant the adaptor was working but was not properly designed for a real 3.0 application. Although it provided power to the media device (minimal I might add for some reason) it would not provide anything else to allow the device to operate. we then used a REAL 3.0 extension on the same cable without the adaptor and the device worked.Device 2 – Oculus Quest (Linked) – Doing a similar test as above. For those with a Quest, they know that the Link is VERY finicky on the cable… Using the adaptor, the Quest wouldn’t even attempt to link up or even allow Windows to recognize it as a device. The charging DID work through the adaptor but VERY poorly. We tried both adaptors that came in package with same results. We also tried all 6 USB 3.0+ ports on the first PC and same with the other. we also tried the virtual ports on the RTX 2080ti cards in both PCs that were Type C and still no results. Bottom line is this, these adaptors shouldn’t even be have any mention of USB 3.0 compatibility in their description. Take it from a 15 year professional in my trade… These adaptors are no better than ones you would find in an electronics department in any given store.OOPS, almost forgot about the other issue!! The length of the actual connector that goes into the device is too short for EVERY PHONE we tried to plug it into that had a protective case on it. In other words, we had to take the rubber or plastic cases OFF the phone to allow this connector to fit into the port to charge firmly. Otherwise, it would just fall out. The cases we have on our phones are not any crazy or fancy big cases…They are merely little scratch protectors that snap onto the phones. When I compared the connector length of these adaptors to the length of a Samsung charger cable.. these were slightly shorter and of course more bulky. The only thing good I have to say about this product is that they fit very nicely onto the Type A cable with no play or problems.

  9. 09


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Ordered and arrived on time. I think Ihad glanced over it when purchasing but was surpised when there were 2 usb-c to usb connectors in the box! Really excited for this as ever since COVID i have been working from home and the internet connectiviety has been spotty. The problem with that is webex calls I couldnt use my usb headset as the clarrity was not there and had to resort to my cell phone and the headphone that came with them (note 10). Well this has solved my problems, I can wear my over the head headphones while taking the calls from my cell phone. The adapter is a little wide so depending on your case you might have issues with needing the case off to connect the adapter but otherwise works perfect. This is definately going to make me enjoy calls now as those ear buds just bother me so much. Thanks UNI!

  10. 09

    Amazon Customer

    AVOID THIS PRODUCT AT ALL COST!!!I have a brand new MacBook Pro 2019 that I used this adapter with. The “fried” port originally worked, but yesterday it didn’t and all 4 drives (3 thumb drives and an External Samsung T1) that I used to test it are now unreadable and inoperable on other computers. I just thought I was being thorough by seeing if the port would read ANY drive. I had no idea that the adapter was killing the drives as I inserted them until I heard a sizzle with the 4th one and then smelled burnt plastic. When I attempted to used any of the 4 drives with my iMac, their power lights didn’t turn on and they weren’t recognized by any disk utility.AVOID THIS PRODUCT AT ALL COST!!!

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USB C to USB Adapter [2 Pack], uni High-Speed USB C Male to USB 3.0 Female Adapter, USB Type-C OTG Adapter [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] with MacBook Pro/Air 2020, iPad Pro 2021, XPS 15/13, and More

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