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Frequently Asked Questions

Multi Vendor FAQs

How do I sign up?

Registering is free and simple if you are going to be using teluscope.store as a online store and marketplace. You will complete a short form once the short form is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You would then log back in and start setting up your online store.

What’s a vendor?

A vendor is any individual or business that sells goods on Teluscope. You do not need a retail store to sell items on our platform.

How do I purchase an item?

As with any online store, you would select the item of interest, add to cart and if shopping is complete, you select the checkout option. You can pay with any major Credit/debit card, with secure transaction with PayPal or stripe.

What items can I sell?

The types of items you may sell are endless. Our shop categories define a few of them but you may also sell digital downloads like mixtapes, audiobooks, and documents; Bahamian craft items; art; plants; and many more. Please review our terms and conditions for additional information on items that may be sold.

As a small business owner, how do I collect VAT?

Teluscope Corporation Ltd. assumes no responsibility for collecting Government Taxes for purchases made on our platform. It is the responsibility of the vendor. Vendors can add the appropriate tax to each product uploaded on our platform. This is an option during the product upload process.

Are there any fees?

Yes. While the individual (buying) account is free, our premium accounts are subscription base. The vendor account monthly subscription is Free. This includes ability to add and sell products, back-end inventory control, invoicing and marketing analytics and a number of other features. Its an all-inclusive e-commerce operation at your fingertips. A processing fee of 3% is accessed for each item sold through our platform. This is added to the customer’s charges at checkout.

Can I ship outside the US or Canda?

No, if you are purchasing items and reside outside the US or Canada you would need a US importer address or a Sky box.

How do I withdraw my funds as a vendor ?

You would select payment on your store manager dashboard then withdrawal. You would receive payment through the payment gateway or bank account you entered during your vendor form.
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